scholarty article analysis

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scholarty article analysis

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Scholarly Article Analysis

Due: Friday, September 20th, at midnight
Typed in the SAA_Worksheet and submitted through Blackboard

The chart on the Worksheet is the paper; use the SAA_Worksheet file and type your answers in the grid

A Guide to Reading Scholarly Articles: “Terror in Horror Genres: The Global Media and the Millennial Zombie” is a scholarly article, similar to one that you might use if you do research in your field.  Consciously thinking about how to navigate a scholarly article will help you more easily analyze research material and help with some of the (harder) reading we’re doing later in the course.

What is a scholarly article?  Scholarly articles have an unfamiliar form and structure, and they use unfamiliar jargon particular to a specific discipline.  But they serve a purpose: Many present original research findings by the author(s), and commonly this research is used to advance a new theory, or refute an existing theory.  Or, a scholarly paper might review the literature on a particular topic in order to summarize a related body of research findings. Still others may present a new or modified research methodology (a way of collecting data). Professionals across academic disciplines write scholarly articles to present knowledge to an academic community. This knowledge, by the way, eventually trickles down to you.

First, watch the online Lecture and 28 Days Later

Next, read “Terror in Horror Genres: The Global Media and the Millenial Zombie”
 by Nicole Birch-Bayley.

Then, fill in the information required in the Worksheet. For example, read the Title category; fill in the box below it the answers. Use complete sentences, and aim for about 50-words per box. Answer all of the questions in each box. This assignment is 10% of your final grade.

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