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Simnet excel independent project 2 5

07/01/2021 Client: saad24vbs Deadline: 2 Day

Excel 2013 Chapter 2 Working with Formulas and Functions Last Updated: 2/4/15 Page 1

USING MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 Independent Project 2-5

Independent Project 2-5 When San Diego Sailing received its end-of-year financial reports, its financial officers decided to evaluate the rental rates schedule for boats. You have been asked to create a spreadsheet to compare three different proposed rate changes that the group is considering implementing in the new year and to update information on the boat fleet.

Skills Covered in This Project

 Create and copy formulas.

 Apply mathematical order of operations.

 Use relative, absolute, and mixed cell references.

 Apply the IF function.

 Name cells and use the name range in a


 Apply the TODAY function.

1. Open the SanDiego-02.xlsx start file. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.

NOTE: If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the

top of the workbook so you can modify it.

2. Select H4 and create an IF function formula to determine which boats include a stove with the galley. Boats

must be able to seat 8 or more people to have a stove in the galley.

a. Use “Yes” for the value_if_true argument.

b. Use “No” for the value_if_false argument.

c. Copy the formula in H4 to H5:H18.

3. Insert a worksheet and name the sheet Data.

4. Type the following information in the new worksheet:

5. Format the table text on the Data sheet.

a. Merge and Center the text in A3 over A3:B3.

b. Apply Accent 1 cell style to A3 and apply bold format.

c. Select A3:B6 and apply the All Borders format.

6. Select A4:B6 and assign range names using the Create from Selection button on the

Formulas tab.

NOTE: To ensure accurate grading, you must complete step 6 correctly before continuing

with the project. Check your work carefully.

7. Select J4 on the Fleet worksheet, and create a formula to calculate a 5% increase for the data

in the “4 Hr. Rate” column using the range name assigned on the Data sheet.

a. Type =. b. Select F4 and type *. c. Press F3 to open the Paste Name dialog box.

d. Select _ 5_Increase and click OK.

e. Press Enter. Copy the formula to row 18.

Step 1

Download start file

Excel 2013 Chapter 2 Working with Formulas and Functions Last Updated: 2/4/15 Page 2

USING MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013 Independent Project 2-5

8. Create formulas for K4:O4 and copy the formulas to row 18.

9. Select the amounts in columns F, G, and J:O and apply the Number format.

10. Select A1 and type San Diego Sailing.

11. Format A1 using the Title cell style and apply bold format. Adjust the column width.

12. Insert a row above the current row 2. Clear the formatting of the new row 2.

NOTE: To ensure accurate grading, you must complete step 12. Check your work carefully.

13. Insert the TODAY() function in A2. Format the date as 11 pt. bold and align left.

14. Change the date format to display the month as a word followed by the day and year.

15. Apply the All Borders format to rows 4 through 19.

16. Click the Insert tab and click the Header & Footer button.

a. Switch to the Footer area.

b. Click the right text box and type Page followed by a space. c. Click the Page Number button on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab.

d. Click the worksheet and return to Normal view.

17. Paste range names in a worksheet.

a. Click the Data sheet tab and select cell A15.

b. Click the Use in Formula button [Formulas tab, Defined Names group].

c. Click Paste Names.

d. Click the Paste List button in the Paste Name dialog box.

e. Click OK.

18. Save and close the workbook (Figure 2-74).

19. Upload and save your project file.

20. Submit project for grading.

Step 2

Upload & Save

Step 3

Grade my Project

2-74 Excel 2-5 completed

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