Social Media Plan Outline

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Social Media Plan Outline

    For this assignment, you'll be turning in a basic outline of your final project so I can provide you with some feedback. Since this project is a big piece of your grade, I want to make sure you are going in the right direction!

    First, start by considering your topic. Throughout the duration of the course, we will be exploring topics including but not limited to:

    Social media marketing

    Social media and advertising

    Risks and benefits of social media

    Social media and violence

    Social media trends

    Social media and society standards

    Social media and mental health

    Social media and sex

    The evolution of social media

    Perception and reality

    Pop culture and social media

    Social media and fashion

    Apps: How to use them to your advantage

    Ethics and social media

    Social media influences on people

    Once you’ve made your topic selection, begin narrowing down your focus. For instance, if you chose Social Media Marketing and Advertising, you could further break it down by discussing Facebook Ads and their success rates. Be as specific as possible and be sure to select atopic that is not only relevant to the course, but also interesting to you. Be sure to discuss why you chose the topic, and what you’d like to explore, and what you’re hoping to learn.

    Next, begin to outline your topic and things you’d like to cover. This is just a basic outline to get you started, so feel free to look at a variety of perspectives for your chosen topic, but keep in mind the final project will have other requirements as well.

    Once you have a basic layout of the information you’d like to include in your project, find a minimum of three scholarly sources you can use to support your claims. Provide a brief summary of each article. These need to be listed in APA format on a reference page.

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