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SOCW 6111 Week 10 Paper - Final Project

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Final Project

Once you graduate and obtain your first job out of your Master of Social Work program, you may be asked to identify the gaps in services at your new agency. You may be asked to create a new group or help to identify a new evidence-based intervention that can be introduced to the clients. Understanding how to research the current literature, and then choose and evaluate an intervention, is an important component of being a successful social worker. For this course, you have researched new and interesting interventions that are currently being used with children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Further, you have explored the importance of connecting theory to practice.

For this Assignment, you will practice steps in Evidence-Based Practice. 1) You will think of a practice problem. 2) You then conduct a literature review on available research. 3) You will evaluate the evidence to determine which intervention to use. 4) You will consider client values and your clinical expertise. 5) You will think about what you hope the client gains from this intervention (i.e., decreased depression, increased quality of life, decreased PTSD symptoms) and consider how you might measure this change.

To prepare:

· Choose a population of interest to you.

  • Adults

· The Presenting problem of Substance Use Disorder, related to the population of interest.

· Conduct a literature review focused on the presenting problem within the population of interest.

Submit an 8- to 10-page scholarly paper supported with a minimum of eight peer-reviewed articles as references. In the paper, you should contain the following Topics, Content, and Headings:

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