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Speech 125 Final Exam Part 1 & 2

19/04/2020 azharr Mathematics & Physics PhD $20-60 (Short Assignment) 24 Hours
Correct Answers Highlighted Below PART 1 1. Norman and Fredrick seem to argue all the time. Coworkers describe the two as hotheads, but recognize that the two men seem to like sparring and are very close friends. Their conflict style is best described as [4 pts.] A. nonintimate-aggressive. B. nonintimate-nonaggressive. C. intimate-aggressive. D. intimate-nonaggressive. 2. Rhonda complains to Collin that she’s tired of their weekend routine. Irritated, Collin snaps back that he’s tired of her complaining. Their conflict pattern reflects which of the following conflict styles? [4 pts.] A. complimentary B. symmetrical C. tangential D. conditional 3. Almost all messages have [4 pts.] A. a content dimension. B. a relational dimension. C. both content and relational dimensions. D. no dimensions unless the communicators intend them …
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