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The function of an ap is most closely related to which wired networking device?

31/10/2020 Client: papadok01 Deadline: 7 Days

1. How long is a RIFS?

A. 2 microseconds

B. 10 microseconds

C. 16 microseconds

D. 9 microseconds

2. What guard interval is used with 64-QAM by 802.11n HT devices to reach 600 Mbps data rates?

A. 800 ns

B. 200 ns

C. 100 ns

D. 400 ns

3. When two RF signals on the same frequency arrive at a receiver at the exact same time and their peaks and valleys are in alignment, what is true about these signals? (choose all that apply)

A. They are 180 degrees out of phase

B. They are 90 degrees out of phase

C. They have 0 degrees of separation

D. They are in phase

4. What is the cause of Free Space Path Loss?

A. Beam Reflection

B. Beam Absorption

C. Beam Diffraction

D. Beam Divergence

5. Which of the following are units of power?

A. dBi

B. Watt

C. Milliwatt

D. dBd

E. dBm

6. A single milliwatt = 0 decibels of change.

A. True

B. False

7. Which of the following increase amplitude?

A. Lightning arrestors

B. RF Cables

C. Pig tail adaptors

D. Antennae

E. Amplifiers

8. More than 40% blockage in the Fresnel Zone will not impede an RF link.

A. True

B. False

9. Which of the following describes a behavior of waves?

A. Frequency

B. Phase

C. Modulation

D. Amplitude

10. Phase is a standard measurement of RF wave size.

A. True

B. False

11. In an ERP 802.11 network, there are two mandated spread spectrum technologies.

A. True

B. False

12. ERP-OFDM stations can not connect with OFDM AP’s because the use different __________.

A. Contention methods

B. Modulation techniques

C. Frequencies

D. Coordination functions

13. Which data rates are supported by PBCC?

A. 6, 12, and 24 Mbps

B. 36, 48 and 54 Mbps

C. 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps

D. 22 and 33 Mbps

E. 1, 2, 5.5, 11, 22, and 33 Mbps

14. How many adjacent non-overlapping channels may be used in the same physical area using the 2.4 GHz spectrum?

A. 14

B. 11

C. 6

D. 3

15. The area of coverage provided by an AP is called which of the following?





16. The function of an AP is most closely related to which wired networking device?

A. A Switch

B. A Hub

C. A router

D. A firewall

17. What is the largest channel size possible with 802.11ac?

A. 40 MHz

B. 80 MHz

C. 120 MHz

D. 160 MHz

18. What is required for stations to use 256-QAM?

A. they must have a firmware upgrade

B. there can be no more then 2 stations

C. they must be very close to the AP

D. they must be far from the AP

19. The period of time that exist between wireless frames is called __________.

A. Duration/ID field

B. NAV Value

C. Interframe Space

D. Carrier Sense

20. What are the two ways carrier sense is performed? (Choose two)

A. Virtual Carrier Sense

B. Physical Carrier Sense

C. Logical Carrier Sense

D. DCF Carrier Sense

E. HCF Carrier Sense

21. What are the two frames used in active scanning? (Choose two)

A. Beacon Management Frame

B. Probe Response Frame

C. Clear to Send Frame

D. Ready to Send Frame

E. Probe Request Frame

22. Which of the following devices are said to be parts of a Specialty WLAN Infrastructure (Choose all that apply)

A. Autonomous AP’s

B. Lightweight AP’s

C. Wireless Workgroup Bridges

D. PTMP Bridges

E. WLAN Controllers

23. Many Law Enforcement agencies use frequency managers.

A. True

B. False

24. When designing wireless networks, two concepts often conflict. What are they? (Choose two)

A. Capacity

B. Channel

C. Antenna type

D. Transmit Power

E. Coverage

25. The standard as amended defines which PoE device types?

A. Legacy



D. Proprietary

26. Which if the following is responsible for enrolling client devices?

A. Mobile Device

B. AP/WLAN Controller

C. MDM Server

D. Push notification server

27. What are the three main components of the 802.1X/EAP Framework?

A. Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

B. Authentication Server, Authentication Client, Authentication Accountant

C. Authenticator, Supplicant, Authentication Server

D. Authentication Guest, Authentication member, Authentication Server

28. A spectrum analyzer can be used to locate the source of which type of intentional attack?

A. RF Jamming

B. Overlapping adjacent channel interference

C. Bit Flipping

D. Duration field spoofing

29. What is a primary concern when planning WLAN deployments within the government vertical market?

A. Cost

B. Channel Use

C. Security

D. Capacity

30. A facilities escort may be required when conducting a site survey.

A. True

B. False

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