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Transforming Leadership at Big Bank (evidence based management)

22/03/2021 kamariscott11 Online Classes | Quizzes | Exams Undergraduate $40-70 (Medium Assignment) 2 Day
Competition OverviewBusiness 2880 Case Competition InstructionsWinter 2021 (Online) CompetitionYour instructor will form teams within your section of Bus 2880. Each team will analyze the same case and submit a report and a recorded presentation by the deadline (see Schedule below). After the work is submitted, you will be responsible for providing peer assessments of the other teams’ recorded presentations. Through those peer assessments, the students in the class will help identify the finalists who will participate in a Question-and-Answer session with the instructor (and possibly other judges) for extra marks. Those peer assessments will also inform the grades assigned to the other teams (finalists and non-finalists).In light of finalists’ additional efforts to prepare for and participate in the Question-and-Answer session, those teams will receive extra …
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