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Week2 Assignment

01/04/2020 rawan Business & Management Undergraduate $10-40 (Short Assignment) 2 Day
Week 2 Assignment Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 3, 5 Textbook: Integrative Case 3 IKEA Scandinavian Style (back of book) File (.pdf): MGT404 Presentation Chapter 3, 5 Introduction Case studies are used to foster discussion of concepts from the chapters and to illustrate practices that sometimes go beyond the concepts within a chapter. Use your experiences and opinions to develop firm thoughts regarding the case. Activity Instructions Integrative Case 3 – Write an analysis of Case 3. This should include your thoughts and/or experiences that support your view of the case. 1. What are IKEA’s organizational design elements? 2. How does IKEA approach innovation?. 3. Describe IKEA’s culture. 4. What challenges does IKEA face? Writing Requirements (APA format) 5-6 pages …
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