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Wgu c204 task 1

10/11/2020 Client: arwaabdullah Deadline: 3 days



Management Communiciation-C204 Task 1

Western Governors University

Kamelon Weight Loss Supplement

A. Motivational email

To: Joy Fitness International Team

From: Project Manager

Subject: Kamelon Weight Loss Suplement

Dear Team Members,

I understand all of you are aware of the recent acquisition that took place in our company that enabled us to acquire Kamelon, an amazing product that will add to our weight loss supplements. The product was acquired from Mikes Weight Loss Inc. that had limited customer base and inadequate potential to achieve extensive growth of the product. As the project manager, my role will be overseeing and coordinating all aspects related to launching of the product. That calls for cooperation and coordination from our members of Joy Fitness International Team. Prior to launching the product, I believe it is fundamental to describe some of the advantages and disadvantages to make our team well acquainted with the Kamelon product.

· Advantages

· Kamelon is effective in weight loss as shown by an evidence of a study of 100 participants who used the product. Research shows that 90% of these participants were able to lose a weight of at least 15 pounds with a particular duration. The remaining 10% of the participants who did not record positive improvements did not adhere to the program protocol of the product. This number is promising and will be a great selling point for Kamelon in the market.

· The available evidence also indicates that 80% of the users were able to maintain loss of weight with the continued use of Kamelon. This data will be critical in helping us to maintain customers for a long period and I feel the product will be highly marketable.

· Disadvantages

· One of the shortcomings witnessed in this product is evident in 10% of the participants who failed to record any noticeable loss in weight. This doesn’t sound good because it might lead to increased complaints and loss of clients. I believe that we can be able to mitigate the drawbacks by:

· Relaying to our customers that the 10% of the study participants were unsuccessful due to failure to adhere to the program’s protocol; thereby calling all our clients to follow Kamelon’s guidelines of use to the latter.

· Improving the product further to enable our customers realize their weight loss goals. However, it’s important to call for some patience among the users since our body metabolisms and mechanisms are different meaning that some people may take a little bit longer to record significant loss in weight.

· Dissatisfied customers are likely to make widespread calls that will discourage other clients from purchasing the product as this was the case with the customer complaint received in the company’s social media page. These calls might adversely affect the image of the company and it might be difficult to tell if the Kamelon was ineffective or it’s the user who did not follow the stipulated guidelines. Joy Fitness International Team should implement the following measures to ensure that these challenges are solved:

· Customers First! It might be dangerous to leave customer complaints unattended. That means that the team should do everything possible to ensure all the flaws related to Kamelon are corrected to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

· Providing plenty of options- Not all customers will like Kamelon and it’s our responsibility as members of Joy Fitness International Team to encourage our customers to try other weight loss products at our disposal. Sometimes it might require us to provide a free sample as this will hopefully make the customer happy who will be able to market our products to friends. This will be a big win to Joy Fitness International Team.

Please, I encourage any one of you who has concerns, comments, or concerns to reach me out. Thank you for the cooperation and dedication in making this project a success. God bless Joy Fitness International Team!

Yours Sincerely,

Bowen Hu,

Project Manager,

Joy Fitness International Team.

B. Informational email

To: Joy Fitness International Team,

From: Project Manager.

Subject: Kamelon Weight Loss Supplement

Dear Stakeholders,

I understand that all the stakeholders and investors are aware that we recently acquired an amazing product known as Kamelon that will significantly help us in realizing our goals. The product will add depth to our weight loss supplements and I am writing this email to elucidate the organizational and financial impacts that Kamelon will create. Kamelon has all the characteristics required for a great asset and has potential to grow into one of the most popular weight loss supplements in the region.

A recently conducted study that aimed at examining the efficiency of Kamelon among 100 participants showed that 90% of them were able to lose a minimum of 15 pounds within a specific period. These results are interesting and are likely to lead to an increased demand for Kamelon making it one of the best-selling supplement Joy Fitness International team has ever acquired. This is the news every stakeholder wants to hear because the product is likely to lead to more sales boosting the revenue of the company.

The available data shows that our company, Joy Fitness International Team, might be in need of 10, 000 pills in the next three months to meet the rising customer demand. The figure is also projected to increase with time. I will be getting in touch with Synethsor Inc., my external business partner who is responsible for manufacturing Kamelon pill casing. I will inform Snr Fatima Sousa to increase the production of pill casings for Kamelon to enable us meet the demands of our customers.

Joy Fitness International Team aims to implement all the requirements required to facilitate the growth of our brand. As a go-getter product manager, I attach much importance to Kamelon because it is widely used by the consumers. The brand will enable our company generate more profits for the benefit of our stakeholders and investors. We celebrate all our stakeholders and we will always maintain the continuous promise of business and financial transparency.

Please, if anyone of you has concerns, comments, or questions should reach me out and will be ready to address them. Prior to release of Kamelon to the members of the public, we will be releasing some free samples to all our stakeholders. Thank you and may God bless Joy Fitness International Team!

Yours Sincerely,

Bowen Hu,

Project Manager.

Joy Fitness International Team.

C. Consumer-Facing Blog Post

Are you worried with your current situation of overweight? Have you spent a lot of money on weight loss strategies with no positive results? Do you want to improve your self-esteem by achieving a slimmer, sexier, and healthier you? If the answer to these questions then we have a solution for you. The Joy Fitness International Team has an amazing product for you!

Smile all the way because Joy Fitness International Team introduces to you Kamelon, a new, amazing, game changing, and revolutionary product that has proved effective in weight loss. It’s the newest addition to our weight loss supplements and will significantly assist you in reducing unwanted weight with ease. Kamelon product is clinically tested and proved to help you achieve that waistline you have always dreamed about. There are various benefits of Kamelon product. Some of these include:

· Provides fast and effective means of reducing weight. A study conducted to determine the effectiveness of Kamelon indicated that 90% of the participants were able to lose at least 15 pounds in a short duration.

· Mantained weight loss- the survey also found that continued use and adherence to Kamelon regimen results in continuous loss of weight.

· Guaranteed results- Joy Fitness International Team can guarantee to refund your money if you don’t record any positive results after the use of Kamelon within the first 45 days. That shows how we are confident that Kamelon will work effectively provided you follow the stipulated medical regimen to the latter.

Don’t be left out as other people grab this opportunity to keep fit and stay healthy. It is an exciting opportunity for you to gain a slimmer, healthier, and sexier you. Kamelon is there to help you achieve these goals and we are happy as Joy Fitness International Team to be behind the idea. Remember this product has a 90% efficiency compared to other products which cannot be able to achieve this high percentage. In case of any questions, comments, or concerns please visit our social media pages and you will be assisted.

D. Persuasive Letter

Joy Fitness International Limited

92 Joy Street, YI 72771

December 19, 2019

Fatima Sousa

Synesthor Inc.

Bourbon Street

New Orleans, PT A54 74S

Re: Increase in Demand of Pill Cases

Dear Fatima,

Thank you for this opportunity of being a wonderful business partner. I know that we have had a series of communications via the phone regarding the Kamelon product. This persuasive letter is just to make sure that we are on the same page regarding the product. Just to remind you that our success will depend on your company, Synesthor Inc. that is involved in manufacturing the pill casing for Kamelon.

Kamelon is an important addition to Joy Fitness International Limited products. My desire is to build the brand to be the leading not only in our company but also in the whole region. To achieve this dream, we need to lay appropriate strategies regarding the manufacture and launching of the product. Our marketing department has already got things started by starting promotions and ad campaigns to reach a wider consumer base. Statistics show that we will need more than 10, 000 pills in the next three months, and this is likely to hike with time. I understand you might encounter challenges in increasing the product rate and shipping but I encourage you to implement appropriate measures to solve these problems as any failure on your side would have debilitating consequences to our sales.

I urge you to discuss with your bosses how you can add powerful machines to your production line and employ more professionals to help in the production of more pill casings for Kamelon. This measure would help you in producing more than 10, 000 pill casings for Kamelon to help us meet our customer demands. I also urge you to get into contract with the most effective shipping company to avoid delays in transportation. The faster these measures are put in place, the better because the two companies will be able to reap the benefits as soon as possible. I promise to do anything to maintain sound business relations between Joy Fitness International and Synesthor Inc. to make our dreams come true. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Bowen Hu,

Product Manager,

Joy Fitness International Limited.

E. Customer Complaint Response

Joy Fitness International Limited- Social Media Complaint

“Kamelon does not work! I’ve been using this for a week, and I haven’t lost anything! I’m going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I was hoping to shed a couple of pounds before I left for my trip. Unfortunately, I do not foresee this happening. No one should buy this product! As a faithful member of several weight-loss groups, I will not recommend this product to anyone in my groups.” – Linda Gary.

Public Response

Dear Linda, thank you for presenting your complaints about Kamelon weight loss supplement. We regret that you were unable to get positive results after using the product. We are working day and night to improve the products to ensure every user benefits from it. In the meantime, I would like to inform you and other esteemed customers of Joy Fitness International Limited that Kamelon is clinically and scientifically proven to help in weight loss. Kindly follow the stipulated medical regimen for use of the product to the latter and you will be able to lose at least 15 pounds in the next three weeks- Joy Fitness International Limited Customer Care.

Private Message

Dear Linda, I apologize that you were not able to get positive results after using Kamelon weight loss supplement. This is something we will take it with a lot of weight here at Joy Fitness International Limited and our team of experts are working to identify any faults in the product. However, I would urge to be a bit patient when using the product because it cannot produce any noticeable results in one week. It is advisable to follow the guidelines of use to the latter and expect results between 14-21 days. Majority of complaints come from customers who did not adhere to the program’s protocol which leads to inefficiency of the product. I want to encourage you to continue using the product for the next three weeks and if you fail to realize your weight loss goals, then I can guarantee 100% refund of your money. Thank you for the feedback and kindly make sure you reach me out in case of any comments, concerns, or questions- Joy Fitness International Limited Customer Care.

F. Evaluation of Communication Strategies

1. How the communication strategies support or do not support the desired outcome.

In method A, the motivational email played a fundamental role in supporting our desired outcome of creating excitement about Kamelon among the staff but was not enough to drive motivation among the employees. The intent here was to create a feeling of excitement and motivation among the workers regarding Kamelon weight loss supplement. Excitement is created by speaking positively about Kamelon. Elucidating the advantages of the product and providing interesting statistics helps to create this feeling. For instance, “research shows that 90% of these participants were able to lose a weight of at least 15 pounds with a particular duration.” These statistics shows the efficiency of Kamelon and was fundamental in creating a feeling of excitement among the workers because of the demand of the product. I am afraid that the email failed to recognize the role played by the staff in driving success of Kamelon and some of the employees are likely to feel demotivated.

In method B, the informational email was meant to provide all stakeholders with two distinct organizational and financial impacts created by Kamelon. I firmly believe that this informational email was able to achieve these desired outcome. For instance, the efficiency and popularity of the brand among the customers is likely to drive sales increasing the revenue generated by the company. The email informed the stakeholders that a study conducted to evaluate the efficiency of Kamelon indicated that 90% of the participants were able to lose at least 15 pounds of weight which was enough to drive sales. The second financial comes from the fact that Joy Fitness International Limited will need more than 10, 000 pills in the next three months. As a result, I have informed our business partner, Synesthor Inc. to increase the production of pill casings to meet our customer demands.

In method C, the consumer-facing blog was supposed to elucidate three benefits of the Kamelon product and give the characteristics of the product that makes it distinct from other products. This blog was well designed to meet these outcomes. The three benefits include fast and effective means of weight loss, guaranteed results, and maintained weight loss. I also reiterated the fact that Kamelon has 90% efficiency compared to other products that cannot achieve this high percentage, and this makes it stand in the market.

In method D, the aim of the persuasive letter was to describe the challenges of our business partners, Synesthor Inc. in meeting our production needs. I noted the fact that their machinery and workforce may not be enough to meet the required pills of at least 10, 000 in the next three months. Therefore, I advised them to install more advanced machinery and hire more qualified candidates to help in achieving this objective. I also advised them to sign contract with the most convenient shipping company to avoid delays in transportation. Therefore, I can ardently confirm that the persuasive letter did support the desired outcome.

The last method E required me to compose a customer complaint and I can confirm that the communication supported the desired outcome. I apologized to the customer for failure to get positive results from the use of Kamelon product. Sympathizing with her and informing her that we are working day and night to correct any faults in Kamelon shows that the company cares about its customers and will be fundamental in boosting the image of the company. I also advised her on some of the reasons that leads to inefficiency of the weight loss supplement such as the failure to follow the stipulated medical regimen. In the private message, I advised her that one week is not enough to get any noticeable results encouraging her to be patient for at least 2-3 weeks. This was geared towards making the customer satisfied with my message and assured her that she would get 100% refund if the product fails to work after 21 days.

2. How the four methods effectively or ineffectively serve the target audience

The motivational email to the staff was effective in creating a feeling of excitement by describing the benefits of Kamelon weight loss supplement. Giving statistics concerning efficiency of the weight loss supplement was instrumental in driving this feeling among the staff. I highlighted that a study conducted among 100 participants indicated that 90% of the users of Kamelon were able to lose at least 15 pounds of weight in a short duration. The 10% of the participants that failed to record positive improvements were linked to lack of adherence to the program’s protocol. I also made it known to the staff that 80% of the participants were able to maintain continued weight loss with the use of Kamelon. This information was fundamental in creating excitement among the staff due to the efficiency of the brand in achieving the desired outcome, which was a clear indication that the brand will be on high demand on the market. However, the motivational email failed to highlight the crucial role that will be played by the staff both in launching and marketing of the product. I think calling them in a meeting to talk to them face-to-face would have significantly assisted in inspiring and motivating them for the task ahead.

The informational email was instrumental in relaying message to stakeholders concerning the organizational and financial impacts that will be created by Kamelon weight loss supplement. It played a fundamental role in describing how the high efficiency and popularity of the brand will increase customer demand boosting the revenue generated by Joy Fitness International Limited.

The blog is a convenient method of communicating and advertising the Kamelon product. It will play an instrumental role in informing our potential customers of the benefits of Kamelon product that will increase its demand and boost revenue. The current generation spends most of its time in internet and a large number will be able to access blog compared to if the information was printed in newspapers and magazines. The information printed in the blog is likely to drive emotions, thoughts, and feelings since the language is well selected to serve that purpose.

The persuasive letter relayed the message effectively but I believe in the current era, it would be better to deliver this information via video teleconference. Most businesses are capable of implementing this state of art technology and with the large customer base of Joy Fitness International Limited, this should not be an issue. Video teleconferencing allows tonal variation which would be difficult with the letter.

The current generation depends heavily on social media as a platform for getting information about a product and presenting complaints. However, it can adversely affect the image of a company if not well managed. Therefore, giving a positive public response and private message to the customer was not only instrumental in addressing the client’s concerns but also building a positive image of the company. The private message showed that Joy Fitness cares for its clients at personal level and preserves the confidentiality of private details of the customers.

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