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What states require strict obedience to dillon's rule

22/10/2021 Client: muhammad11 Deadline: 2 Day

LA County-City-School-District .Gov

Part 1: Government websites by State/local questions from Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3
Your task is Search for government website within from your LA county district#
Submit (3) websites relevant to (3) questions from readings documents, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3 below:

Choose 3 questions choices from the following:
Example of local government's Legal Framework: general-law v. charter? search (1) either a city or school district or special district within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of a Los Angeles County government One type of service website?
Example of the LAFCo's role, incorporation process, website?
Example of a City government services website? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of a City Government representation system, mayor-council vs. council-manager system? within your County # map, click Zipcode Map
Example of a County limited -purpose of Special districts,
Example of a regional government and the problem it addresses?
The Process? Search government websites based on Three (3) of the above bullet point or questions,

NOTE: the above questions are from module 3 click, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments

Source for the websites either google the name of the Local government from The map or use the LA County website click https://lacounty.gov/government/

Part 2: Census and Demographics
Three website guides -- Submit (2) websites and data relevant to the above (3) government websites Above:
County Statistics is an option:

Go to the Los Angeles County, click https://lacounty.gov/government/ > Census 2020 >
Once on 2020 Census click top of the page tab resources > additional resource > census maps & profiles by county district number [your group # zipcode map] click, https://census.lacounty.gov/
Zipcodes, map, and stat is a good start to review demographic and other activity within [your group # zipcode map]
Equity website on economic, earnings outcomes option:

Go to click, https://opportunityatlas.org/ to review the orientation to the website and [click LA story]
–Background story to the website: click, NPR story (Links to an external site.)

(or copy/paste to URL: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/12/666993130/zipcode-destiny-the-persistent-power-of-place-and-education )

Review for terms and possible national topic (left column) that may apply to your zip codes,

Equity website on broad demographic, economic, readiness option:

Go to, https://nationalequityatlas.org/

Click TAB INDICATORs > demographics and equity dropbox

General Los Angeles County data by Zipcode option

Go to Additional Database: Los Angeles click, http://www.laalmanac.com/cities/ci99a.php

Since 1998, the Los Angeles Almanac has been a unique online reference devoted to providing statistical and narrative information about the people, places, and stories that make up the incredible panorama of Los Angeles County.

Did you include state/local group #. click, People

How do I view my Canvas groups as a student?
https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10661-421255565 (Links to an external site.)

does the submission include:
(3) government websites ? Are the websites of governments within the LA county board district = your group #?
(3) URL/links of each of the website by question example?
(3) labeles or Titles
Are the government website(s) relevant to the questions? Explain with a note/sentence "how you found the site/relevant answer"

Part 2
Part 2 census/demographic

Did you include at least (2) two (website sources)? with url/links?
zip code?
Example of Data category that interested you?
Title your selection, i.e., the demographics, equality, and location, & Zipcode and how you found the data about people, economic status within your group# district, or Los Angeles County?


Governing California State and Local Government

What states require strict obedience to Dillon’s rule?

A. Alabama, Idaho, and Nebraska B. California, Utah, and New York C. Texas, California, and Arizona D. Tennessee, Florida, and California

In order to deal with problems such as air pollution and waste management that affect large

geographical areas in California,

A. regional governments have been formed. B. special districts have been given authority to deal with these types of problems. C. a council-mayor system has been implemented. D. secession movements in a number of cities have developed.

Which of the following local government has “City of Refuge Laws”?

A. Roseville B. San Francisco C. Oxnard D. Fountain Valley

The most common form of local government in California cities is the

A. mayor-council system. B. commission government. C. city manager system. D. councils of governments.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of reform government at the local level?

A. At-large council elections B. Nonpartisanship C. City Manager plan D. Concurrent elections

What does Dillon’s Rule establish?

A. The basic legal framework for relations between state and local governments. B. The basic legal framework for relations between the executive and legislative branches. C. The basic legal framework for relations between the judicial and legislative branches. D. The basic legal framework for relations between the executive and judicial branches.

In California, school districts are governed by

A. the President of the United States. B. locally elected boards of education. C. Congress and the Department of Education. D. the governor of California and the U.S. Supreme Court. In California, what is the general purpose of local governments, such as cities and counties?

A. Manage interstate highways, regulate foreign trade, and maintain weapons and training for security agencies such as Home Land Security. B. Manage fires, clean streets, and protect the health, safety, welfare, and overall quality of life of all who live within their jurisdiction. C. Regulate banks, alcohol and gun sales, print currency, and exchange intelligence information with various clandestine agencies. D. Protect the border, regulate interstate commerce,negotiate with foreign countries, andmonitor the sale of prescription drugs, alcohol.

_________ are limited-purpose local governments filling the need for services that counties and ci

A. Charter (or Home Rule) Counties B. Unfunded mandates. C. Special Districts D. California Coastal Commission

The _________ has the authority to control all development within the 1,000-yard-wide shoreline zone

along the entire California coast.

A. Charter (or Home Rule) Counties B. Unfunded mandates. C. Special Districts D. California Coastal Commission

True / False -- In California, most cities are governed by the mayor-council system

True / False -- All local elections in California are nonpartisan

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