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Writing Assignment

The book Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Suess, has been touted as one of the greatest testaments to personal selling ever written. In this book, Sam successfully convinces his prospect to become a consumer of the aforementioned poultry and pork products. Demonstrate your mastery of the material we have covered this semester by doing the following:

Read Green Eggs and Ham. I'm sure you either have a copy, have a friend who has a copy, or can visit the local library for 15 minutes to read their copy.

Writing: First, identify and discuss factors that contributed to Sam's success as a "salesperson." Think about each step in the selling process. Persistence is not the only "success factor" you should see when looking at Sam. These should be listed under THINGS SAM DID WELL. Second, there are some things Sam did not do at all (THINGS SAM COULD HAVE DONE BETTER). Create a chart to list the items you've identified in steps one and two.

Third, using Sam as your salesperson, provide examples and discussion of things you can imagine Sam doing and saying to improve his sales presentation.

Stretch your mind, be creative.

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