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9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

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S E P T E M B E R 7 , 2 0 2 0 , 1 : 5 8 A M

The Big Five Personality Test

This Big Five assessment measures your scores on five major dimensions of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion,

Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (sometimes abbreviated OCEAN). Check out your scores on each of the five dimensions in the graph below, then

read on to discover what each score means.




0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70







Openness describes a person’s tendency to think in abstract, complex ways. High scorers tend to be creative, adventurous, and intellectual. They

enjoy playing with ideas and discovering novel experiences. Low scorers tend to be practical, conventional, and focused on the concrete. They

Your Personality Trait Scores

9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 2 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

enjoy playing with ideas and discovering novel experiences. Low scorers tend to be practical, conventional, and focused on the concrete. They

tend to avoid the unknown and follow traditional ways.

Openness is strongly related to a person’s interest in art and culture. People who are high in openness tend to enjoy the arts and seek out

unusual, complex forms of self-expression. People who are low in openness are often suspicious of the arts and prefer to focus on more practical



Conscientiousness describes a person’s ability to exercise self-discipline and control in order to pursue their goals. High scorers are organized

and determined, and are able to forego immediate gratification for the sake of long-term achievement. Low scorers are impulsive and easily


The concept of Conscientiousness focuses on a dilemma we all face: shall I do what feels good now, or instead do what is less fun but will pay off

in the future? Some people are more likely to choose fun in the moment, and thus are low in Conscientiousness. Others are more likely to work

doggedly toward their goals, and thus are high in this trait.


Extraversion describes a person’s inclination to seek stimulation from the outside world, especially in the form of attention from other people.

Extraverts engage actively with others to earn friendship, admiration, power, status, excitement, and romance. Introverts, on the other hand,

conserve their energy, and do not work as hard to earn these social rewards.

Extraversion seems to be related to the emotional payoff that a person gets from achieving a goal. While everyone experiences victories in life, it

seems that extroverts are especially thrilled by these victories, especially when they earn the attention of others. Getting a promotion, finding a

new romance, or winning an award are all likely to bring an extrovert great joy. In contrast, introverts do not experience as much of a “high” from

social achievements. They tend to be more content with simple, quiet lives, and rarely seek attention from others.


Agreeableness describes a person’s tendency to put others’ needs ahead of their own, and to cooperate rather than compete with others. People

who are high in Agreeableness experience a great deal of empathy and tend to get pleasure out of serving and taking care of others. They are

usually trusting and forgiving.

People who are low in Agreeableness tend to experience less empathy and put their own concerns ahead of others. Low scorers are often

described as hostile, competitive, and antagonistic. They tend to have more conflictual relationships and often fall out with people.

9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 3 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628


Neuroticism describes a person’s tendency to experience negative emotions, including fear, sadness, anxiety, guilt, and shame. While everyone

experiences these emotions from time to time, some people are more prone to them than others.

This trait can be thought of as an alarm system. People experience negative emotions as a sign that something is wrong in the world. You may be

in danger, so you feel fear. Or you may have done something morally wrong, so you feel guilty. However, not everyone has the same reaction to a

given situation. High Neuroticism scorers are more likely to react to a situation with fear, anger, sadness, and the like. Low Neuroticism scorers

are more likely to brush off their misfortune and move on.

Now, we'll take a detailed look at each of your scores and how they compare with average scores for the population. We'll see what your scores

mean for your individual experiences, and how the latest scientific research can help you to understand what your traits really mean.

Your Openness Score in Depth

Openness describes an individual’s tendency to think in complex, abstract ways. People who are high in Openness are abstract thinkers, while

people who are low in Openness are concrete thinkers.



0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70



As a person who is moderate in Openness, you are about as likely as the average person to think in an abstract, creative way. You are neither

especially offbeat nor overly conventional in your thinking. You tend to think of yourself as practical, but open to new ideas.

Openness correlates highly with an interest in art and cultural experiences, and as someone who is moderate in this trait, you will probably have

some level of interest in art. You may enjoy the occasional museum or symphony performance, but you likely have more conventional interests

as well (for instance, sports or popular music). You may also have some artistic hobbies, like painting or dancing, although you may feel that you

are not creative enough to really excel. You probably dislike very unusual or experimental forms of art, and prefer to enjoy cultural activities that

are a bit more mainstream.

Your Traits in Depth

9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 4 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

Unlock your full report to discover the complete story of your personality traits.


Or, check out a sample report (/sites/default/files/big_five_sample.html)

Your personality traits interact to create unique patterns of thought and behavior. In this section, you'll learn how your traits work together to

drive the way you interact with the world.

To describe your personality patterns, we use a circular graph called a circumplex. The circumplex is used by psychologists to illustrate how two

traits intersect to create more complex patterns of thought and behavior. Each circumplex has four sections, with each section describing a

typical pattern. The area of each section shows how well that pattern describes you. A larger area indicates a better fit for that pattern.

Some circumplex graphs will show a clear preference for one pattern. Others will show a more even spread over two or even three patterns.

Where you have nearly equal scores for two or more patterns, you can expect that both patterns may describe you equally well.

Core Pattern

This circumplex describes the essential role you take on in approaching the world. This role is a reflection of your core values and motivations, as

well as the way you think about things.

Your Personality Patterns


Uses insight and creativity to help

others. Thinks about how the world

could be a better and more

beautiful place.


Helps other people in practical,

everyday ways. Uses established






9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 5 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

Unlock your full report to see all 9 of your personality patterns.


Or, check out a sample report (/sites/default/files/big_five_sample.html)

everyday ways. Uses established

institutions to maintain stability and

security. PC

Emotional Pattern Motivation Pattern

Your Traits in Action



9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 6 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

Now we'll look at how your personality traits express themselves in all areas of life, from your daily routine to your relationships and your work

life. Each section covers one key area and explains how your individual traits influence your experiences in this aspect of life.

Your Inner Life

Your personality governs the most fundamental things about you, including how you think, what you value, and what motivates you. This section

explores how your traits drive your internal life.

How does your mind work?

You take in real-world information about the world around you and apply your own interpretations. You are good at noticing details, although

you also want to understand the larger meaning of what you observe so that you can put things in context. You can be quite creative when you

are working in an area of special expertise or knowledge, although you also know when it is time to abandon fantasy and get back to the real


You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the needs and experiences of others. As a highly empathetic person, you feel others’ emotions

almost as strongly as your own, and as such, the experiences of others occupy an important place in your mind. Your thoughts often revolve

around how you might be more helpful to others, or how you can better understand what they are going through.

You are preoccupied with goal-setting and achievement and most of your thoughts revolve around planning and completing tasks. You are a

structured, orderly thinker, and rarely waste time on unproductive daydreaming.

What do you value?

You are a highly sympathetic and altruistic person who values kindness and compassion above all else. You feel it is crucial to care for others and

work to make the world a better place. You rarely do anything that does not have a payoff in kindness or caring. You are unconcerned with selfish

goals, and instead preoccupy yourself with the needs of others.

You value a mix of tradition and innovation. You are usually content to do things the conventional way, until it stops working, at which time you

are happy to explore novel approaches. Politically, you are probably moderate, appreciating leaders who are neither pie-in-the-sky idealists nor

slaves to tradition. You are not interested in impractical flights of fancy, but you do see a place for new ideas that may improve the way we live.

Unlock your full report to find out how your traits impact every area of your life.


Your Traits in Action

Unlock Your Full Report (https://www.truity.com/upgrade-




9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 7 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628


Or, check out a sample report (/sites/default/files/big_five_sample.html)

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by Priya

( )

this test hit the nail on its head so to speak. i am on a self discovery journey and this is a real cool way of understanding myself, dark side as well

as strengths!

by Megan L

( )

I purchased the expanded reports for the Big Five and the Enneagram Personality Test. The results were pretty spot on and I can't wait to use the

report to improve myself, going forward.

by Radoslaw

( )

I've never done a test which would be more accurate than this one. I needed it in order to start preparation for interviews and it gave me a lot of

important information about my character, behavior.

by Mike

( )

Ridiculously accurate. I mean RIDICULOUSLY accurate.... I'm highly impressed by this test, and I can already see how it could help me.







9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 8 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

by Linh Vu

( )

I cannot agree more on this test. I actually found it on a self realization video on Youtube.

I'm in the period of answering the question "who am I?" and "what's my life purpose?". Feel good to find this test which helps me to have higher

self-awareness. This is the very first step to change myself & focus on what I can become. Rather than throwing a pity party & going into self-

hatred more often.

Get to know myself is to get to know my strengths, weeknesses, inability as well as potential.

Thanks for the affordable price for the full analysis.

by Keri

( )

This is an excellent tool to help understand one's self and how to communicate with others. I enjoyed discovering traits that are helpful to me as

a person in relating to my family and at work. It is great to have a tool that helps put words/descriptions to thoughts and feelings.

tool with my staff and my family!

by Megan

( )

I really enjoyed the test results. No one can truly be objective about their own personality, but we can try our best to be when taking quizzes like

this. I enjoyed reading about explanations to certain personality traits and patterns of mine. The results of this test increased my awareness of

my patterns and how they manifest in my day-to-day life, as well as in exceptional or abnormal circumstances. I think everyone should strive to

become more aware of themselves throughout their life.


( )

A very informative, accurate and beneficial tool for those looking to reflect, improve, discover or learn.

by Nemo





9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 9 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

( )

I mostly agree with this assessment, and those points I don't fully agree with gave me the perspective to see that I only disagreed with them

because it wasn't who I wanted to be. A very informative, accurate and beneficial tool for those looking to reflect, improve, discover or learn.

by Vitória

( )

It was a great way to get to know me better and clarify some aspects of my personality

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9/6/20, 9(00 PMThe Big Five Personality Test | Truity

Page 10 of 10https://www.truity.com/personality-test/17315/test-results/25966628

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