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When I work, my first priority is to ensure that my clients are fully satisfied. I manage to do this by putting a strong emphasis on the key points of the subject I am given.

No one wants to read flat information, they want something that attracts their attention and shows that a lot of thought, expertise and care has gone into it.

When clients send me a document and ask me to improve on it, I don’t just add a few words or sentences. I look through the whole structure to ensure people actually want to read it. I ensure the work I undertake is not rushed and is of the highest quality. I truly believe that quality is more important than quantity. We have all ended up on a website or blog wondering whether a 5 year old was let loose with the computer. 

If you want the best, don’t choose an emotionally barren program that reads like flat pack furniture instructions. Choose a person who knows exactly what both you and the readers want instead.


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Masters in Business Administration The University of Queensland 2012


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Healthscope Ltd Accountant 2014 2017