Engineering Mentor

B.Sc of Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc of Biomedical Engineering Polimi

My big Projects are: - Designing and optimizing wind turbine using (Ansys Fluent, MATLAB and Xfoil)

- Simulation of left ventricle using Ansys Fluent (with writing UDF)

- Simulation of Aorta - Designing Artificial gill

- Designing and building HVAC system for cooling 50kg of water in 30 minutes

- Image processing to convert heat map images to heat conduction vectors

- etc.


Category Mathematics & Physics
Subjects Arithmetic, Basic Math, Elementary Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Linera Algebra, Trigonometry, algerbra, calculus
Skills Case Study, PowerPoint, Literature Review, Annotated Bibliography, Summary, Speech, Research Proposal, Matlab, STATA, Proofreading, Academic Writing, Editing, Online Writing, Scientific Research, Argumentative Essays, Rewriting/Paraphrase, Technical Writing, Report Writing, Online Quizzes, Online Discussions and Replies



Name Institute Year Completed
Mechanical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology 2018


Company Role From To
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Site Engineer 2018 2020


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