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Estimating can be challenged by

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1 A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is

Task analysis.

Work packages.

Work breakdown structure.

Time and motion studies.

Past experience.

2 A professional organization for project managers is the






3 All of the following are disadvantages of organizing projects within a matrix arrangement EXCEPT

Dysfunctional conflict between functional managers and project managers.



Longer project duration.


4 Estimates are supposed to be based on normal conditions. While this is a good starting point, it rarely holds true in real life.



5 Estimating can be challenged by

Political dynamics.

Human Nature.

Difficulty in predicting the future.

All of these choices.

6 Having a strong communication plan can go a long way toward mitigating project problems. A communication plan should address all of the following EXCEPT

Which methods will be used to gather and store information.

When the information will be communicated.

What information needs to be collected and are there limits as to who has access to it.

How information should be communicated and to whom.

All of these should be addressed in a communication plan.

7 How is project scope defined?

The length of your project and how much it will cost

The deliverables or outputs during the course of the project

The range of customer expectations

What you expect to deliver to your customer when the project is complete

The range of resources you have available and their capabilities

8 In practice, estimating processes are frequently classified as


Precise/order of magnitude.

Top down/bottom up.



9 Laura is forecasting the time and cost of developing an intranet for a new customer. Her department has completed six such intranets for customers during the last two years. Although the proposed system is about the same size as the others, she estimates that it will take about 10 percent less time and money. Which of the following methods is she using?


Learning curve



Function point

10 Project management is important to understand when people are a part of a project team because they

Need to understand project priorities so they can make independent decisions.

Need to understand the project charter or scope statement that defines the objectives and parameters of the project.

Work with others to create a schedule and budget.

Need to be able to monitor and report project progress.

All of these are reasons it is important for project team members to understand project management.

11 Project selection criteria are typically classified as

Required and optional.

Short-term and long-term.

Strategic and tactical.

Cost and schedule.

Financial and nonfinancial.

12 Reasons why estimating time and cost are important include all of the following EXCEPT

To help establish a project selection process.

To determine how long the project should take and cost.

To schedule work.

To determine how well the project is progressing.

To develop cash flow needs.

13 Refining estimates may be necessary for a number of reasons. For example, design flaws being revealed after the fact, extreme weather conditions, and accidents occurring are good examples of

Normal conditions not applying.

Changes in project scope.

Hidden interaction costs.

Things going wrong on a project.

None of these are correct.

14 The ideal approach to estimating project time and costs is to use both the top-down and the bottom-up approach.



15 The process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables is called






16 The structure that manages projects within the existing organizational structure is ________ organization.


Balanced matrix

Weak matrix


Strong matrix

17 The tendency for the project deliverables to expand over time-usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities-is called

Scope erosion.

Scope creep.

Project add-ons.

Project bloat.

Scope enhancement.

18 Which of the following is an advantage of a functional project management organization?

Strong motivation of project team members

Maximum flexibility in the use of staff

Good integration across functional units

Longer project duration

Shorter project duration

19 Which of the following is true of multiweighted scoring models?

Each criterion is assigned a weight.

Will include qualitative criteria

Will include quantitative criteria

Projects with higher scores are considered more desirable.

All of these are true.

20 Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of a project life cycle?






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