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Relational dynamics project

In Progress Homework Posted by: chadshaw1416 Posted on: 16/11/2020 Deadline: 2 Day

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Zainab A.
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Write a 4 page essay of your progress regarding the relational dynamics assignment. Content must be on 3 different relationships like intimate relationship, personal relationship(with a family member) and a professional relationship. The essay must include the 4 following variables 1.Conflict resolution 2. Deception and trust 3. Needs met by relationships and 4. Communication climates. This paper is supposed to be based off of Knapps stages of relational development deciding which is most to least interpersonal, why it is significant to you and to establish a set of 5 rules based on knapps stages of relational development and what would happen if these rules were violated. And lastly a conclusion pretty much summarizing everything and what was learned throughout the process.

In Progress Homework

Project ID 754136
Category Arts & Education
Level Graduate
Deadline 2 Day
Budget $30-60 (2-5 Pages/ Short Assignment) Approx.
Type Open For Bidding

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3 writers want to do this homework:

Zainab A.


Zainab A.


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