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Under Armour Case Study

26/03/2020 Client: joediv12 Deadline: 24 Hours

. Full Strategic Analysis

  Appendix 1) Specify in detail the strategy Under Armour is currently using and has used for the most recent period of “stability” (e.g. the past ten years)

• Which of the 5 Competitive Business Strategies (Porter’s Generic strategies) does under armour use?

• Identify the important complementary strategic options, corporate & functional strategies, timing choices, etc. under armour has used

• Provide cited evidence of specific actions taken by under armour during the past decade or longer to support your conclusions.

• (Appendix 2) Create BOTH

• a. side-by-side LINE CHARTS, and

• b. comparisons of CAGRs

for under armour vs. nike for fiscal years 2007-2016 in SALES (BB), STOCK PRICE (Yahoo finance), NET PROFITS (BB)

• (Appendix 3) Create tables showing side-by-side comparisons of figures for under armour vs. nike for fiscal years 2007-2016 in:

• Profitability, including ROE, ROA, and NET MARGINS (calculate)


• Liquidity, CURRENT RATIO


•Analyze findings

• Provide an overall assessment of How well under armour existing strategy appears to be working?

• (Appendix 4) Define the activities in under armour VALUE CHAIN

• Show a VALUE CHAIN that includes a list of all PRIMARY and SECONDARY activities of NUE and detailed descriptions of what NUE does in each activity

• (Appendix 5) Perform a VRIO ANALYSIS of RESOURCE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Example attached)


• (Appendix 6) List the 5 most important Strengths & 5 most important Weaknesses from Appendix 5

Use the VRIO ratings in Appendix 5 to make your selections

• (Appendix 7) Provide a Map of the Strategic groups making up the industry Rivals.

• (Appendix 8) Perform the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (example attached)

• Create a Porter’s 5 forces analysis appendix in an excel file

• Column 1 identify >= 4 of the determinants of each of the 5 forces and for each determinant provide a brief summary of real-world evidence related to that determinant (cite sources-this must be relevant case and/or real-world data)

• Column 2 assign a rating (between 1=causes force to be weak & 5=causes force to be strong) based on the real-world evidence related to each of >= 4 determinants for each of the 5 forces identified in Col 1

• Column 3 give a brief justification for col 2 (1-5) rating based on chapter 3 material (cite source of justification)

• Average all column 2 determinants for each force to get the overall rating for each force

• Average the average ratings for the 5 forces to get an overall rating for the industry (industry attractiveness)

• (Appendix 9) perform a STEEP analysis (example attached)

• Create a STEEP analysis appendix in an excel file

• Column 1 brief description of each of >= 4 trends or events per STEEP area (cite source of trend-this must be relevant case and/or real-world data)

• Column 2 rate the probability that of each of the >= 4 trends or events per STEEP area will occur (hi, med, or lo) and give brief justification for the rating (cite source of justification-this must be relevant case and real-world data)

• Column 3 classify each trend or event as an Opportunity vs. Threat & rate probable impact on the Craft Beer Industry if each of the >= 4 trends or events per STEEP area occurs (hi, med, or lo) and give brief justification for rating(cite source of justification-this must be relevant case and real-world data)

• (Appendix 10) Create a List the 5 most important opportunities & the 5 most important threats

• List the Porter’s forces and/or individual determinants with the highest and/or lowest ratings from Appendix 8

• Limit your list to 5 opportunities and 5 threats

• Briefly Justify your selections

 III. Strategy Formulation

 Select 5 most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and develop

 3 potential SO strategic alternatives from the TOWS matrix

3 potential ST strategic alternatives from the TOWS matrix

3 potential WO strategic alternatives from the TOWS matrix

3 potential WT strategic alternatives from the TOWS matrix

a. Each of the >=12 total strategic alternatives should include:

A brief description of The specific suggested action 

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