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Simnet office 2016 integrated applications project 3

08/10/2021 Client: muhammad11 Deadline: 2 Day

Need Corrections For This Powerpoint Project Thats It!!!!


1 | P a g e Last Modified: 2/26/18

Office 2016 Integrated Applications – Project 3

Creating a Company’s Presentation In this project, you will create a presentation for the Top’t Corn popcorn company using resources from a

Word document and an Excel file. First, you will format an outline in Word so it can be imported as slides

and content for the presentation. You will format the look of the text before and after importing and use

Format Painter to copy and paste formatting between slides. Next, work with data in Excel, adding formulas

and creating a table and a chart. Finally, you will copy and paste the chart and table data from Excel into

your PowerPoint presentation.

Skills needed to complete this project:

Word Skills

• Apply heading styles

• Change the color theme

PowerPoint Skills

• Import slides from a Word outline

• Change the font

• Align text

• Use Format Painter

• Change slide layout

• Add a table to a slide

• Paste data from Excel

• Change font color

• Paste a chart from Excel

• Move an object on a slide

Excel Skills

• Enter text and numbers in cells

• Create a formula using multiplication

• Use an absolute reference in a formula

• Copy a formula

• Format data as a table

• Sort data in a table

• Use the AVERAGE function in a formula

• Use the SUM function in a formula

• Apply a number format

• Modify the font size

• Autofit columns

• Create a PivotTable using a Recommended


• Create a pie chart

• Hide the chart title

• Apply a chart style

IMPORTANT: Download the resource file needed for this project from the Resources link. Be sure

to extract the file after downloading the resources zipped folder. Please visit SIMnet Instant Help for

step-by-step instructions.

1. Open the start file OF2016-Integrated-Project3. If the document opens in Protected View, click the

Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify it.

2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to

do so by your instructor, and save it.

3. Open the Top’t Corn Outline Word document from the location where you saved the data files

for this project (downloaded from the Resources link).

a. Apply the Heading 1 style to numbered items in the list.

b. Apply the Heading 2 style to the lettered items in the list.

Step 1 Download start file

Download Resources

SIMnet 2016: PowerPoint, Word, Excel Integrated Project 3

2 | P a g e Last Modified: 2/26/18

c. Change the color theme of the document to Red Orange

d. Save the document with the name Top’t Corn Outline for Import. Close the document.

e. Return to the PowerPoint presentation you downloaded from SIMnet.

4. Import the Top’t Corn Outline for Import Word file into OF2016-Integrated-Project3 presentation.

a. Use Slides from Outline… option to import the Top’t Corn Outline for Import file.

Note: When you are finished with this step, your presentation should contain 10 slides. If it does

not, your project will not grade properly and you may lose a significant number of points. Check

your work carefully.

b. Verify that the Heading 1 style items from the Word file appear as the titles, Heading 2 style items

appear in the body.

c. Verify that the title font on the imported slides appears to be an Red Orange color.

d. Select the title placeholder on Slide 2 (the placeholder with the word Overview). Change the font to

Calibri and left align the text.

e. With the title placeholder still selected, use Format Painter to copy the formatting and paste the

formatting each of the title placeholders on Slides 3 through 10.

5. Open the OldBayMDSales Excel file (downloaded from the Resources link) and create a table to copy

into PowerPoint.

a. Go to the OldBaySales worksheet. In cell C1, type: Total Sale

b. In cell E1, type: Price

c. In cell F1, type: $9.00

d. In cell C2, enter a formula to calculate the total sale. Multiple the quantity sold (cell B2) by the price

per box (cell F1). You are going to copy this formula to cells C3:C9, so use relative and absolute

references as appropriate.

e. Copy the formula in cell C2 to cells C3:C9.

f. Format the data in cells A1:C9 as a table using any style.

g. Sort the table data by values in the quantity column so the largest number is at the top.

h. In cell E3, type: Average Quantity

i. Enter a formula in cell F3 to calculate the average of cells B2:B9.

j . In cell E4, type: Total Sales

k. Enter a formula in cell F4 to calculate the sum of cells C2:C9.

l. Apply the Currency number format to cell F4.

m. Select cells A1:F9 and change the font size to 18.

n. Autofit all columns so the data are completely visible.

o. Copy cells A1:F9.

p. Save the Excel file, but leave it open.

Download Resources

SIMnet 2016: PowerPoint, Word, Excel Integrated Project 3

3 | P a g e Last Modified: 2/26/18

6. Return to the PowerPoint presentation and navigate to Slide 8.

a. Change the layout for Slide 8 to Title and Content.

b. Add a table to the slide with six columns and nine rows.

c. Paste the data you copied from Excel into the table, and select Use Destination Style paste option.

d. Where necessary, change the text in the header row to bold, White, Background 1 (the first color

in the first row of theme colors).

e. Save the PowerPoint presentation, but do not exit PowerPoint yet.

7. Return to the OldBayMDSales Excel file and create a chart from the data in the TruffleSales worksheet.

a. Create a PivotTable from the data in the TruffleSales worksheet. Use the first (only) recommended

PivotTable – Sum of Quantity by State.

b. Create a 2-D pie PivotChart from the PivotTable data.

c. Hide the chart title.

d. Apply the chart Quick Style, Style 11.

e. Copy the chart.

f. Save and close the Excel file.

8. Return to the PowerPoint presentation and navigate to Slide 9.

a. Change the layout for Slide 9 to Title Only.

b. Paste the chart you copied from Excel into the slide. Use the Keep Source Formatting & Embed

Workbook paste option.

c. Drag the chart down so it is positioned in the middle of the slide.

9. Save and close the presentation.

10. Upload and save your project file.

11. Submit project for grading. Step 2 Upload & Save

Step 3 Grade my Project

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